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  1. Personal Tax Return for PAYE-payers, landlords, self-employed (including preliminary Tax calculations), directors (Form12/11)
  2. Payroll Services – monthly/weekly salary calculations, PAYE returns, Benefit in Kind, Pension contributions, Annual/Sick leave, etc.
  3. VAT returns – Irish companies usually submit their VAT returns bi-monthly, there are special rules for reporting trade with other EU member states
  4. Corporation Tax return including preliminary Tax calculations
  5. Company formation – registration with Companies Registration Office, business name registration, consultations regarding types of companies available in Ireland and requirements for company owners
  6. Tax Registration – registration with Revenue for Corporation Tax, VAT, Relevant Contracts Tax, registration as an Employer for PAYE/PRSI, registration in ROS, Form CRO 11F.
  7. Secretarial Services – Annual Returns with CRO, company seals, Change of Company name, Change of Secretary/Director, Issue or transfer of shares, etc.
  8. Registered Office Service – providing a company with physical address, where all formal correspondence will be received
  9. Bookkeeping and accounting services – maintaining books and records, document processing, preparing Income Statements (P&L Statements), Statements of Financial Position (Balance Sheets)
  10. Capital Gains Tax Return – Capital Gains Tax is charged on profit made on disposal of any asset. An asset is something valuable such as house, apartment, jewellery, antiques, shares in a company, copyrights.
  11. Consultations – if you have any questions regarding your tax affairs or opening a business you can contact us to set up a meeting or Skype/telephone call.
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